Bill Dearman Bio

My love of photography began many years ago, but lay dormant until now. At the end of 2009 my wife Nan retired and we made plans to take a trip to Australia. For that trip I purchased a Cannon Rebel to record our trip, and the fix was on. I was hooked. From that trip on, photography has again become an important part of my life.

With new technology we are now able to print our more artistic photographs on canvas, metal and other media, taking the art of photography to new levels. One I find even more desirable. This is why the photographs I present are captured on various other materials.

As a photographer I find nature a marvelous canvas, it abounds in the beauty of the flowers, animals, and abundant shapes only nature can present. The joy of photographing people is also a true joy. When photographing people, the eyes have it. When you capture the eyes you capture the soul.

I retired in 2010. I now enjoy photographing people and nature. I have created a small studio behind my home. I have produced a series of Note Cards using my photographs of flowers, waterfalls and birds. My wife and I enjoy traveling and I always have my camera on our trips. I enjoy taking pictures of people from different places.