Dianna Beakes Bio

An artist lives in a personal world. Dianna’s world is a collection of colorful creations. Those of us who are privileged to know her are exposed to her artistic abilities. Her heritage is bounded by her upbringing in Texas and living in Florida and Georgia. She and her husband “Buddy” moved to Kentucky six years ago.

Dianna has an innate sense of balance and her artwork is appealing to the eye of the beholder. She is a multi-faceted artist working in mixed media of paper, fabric, wood and glass. Her passion is Gallery glass ( similar to stained glass ). Her insight, creativity and imagination are reflected in her work. She was influenced by an art teacher to continue painting. Dianna is small in stature, but large in talent. She has been a dancer, airplane pilot, rodeo queen and a building contractor. She is comfortable with a paintbrush or an electric drill in her hand.Her philosophy as an artist is her dedication to making her work as perfect as possible. Dianna’s greatest accomplishment would be to bring joy and satisfaction to all who purchase her work.She is a dedicated crocheter for Crossroads Life Center, a member of Willing Hearts and Hands Seniors, a volunteer for Brawa and a member of Homemakers.Biographer, Norma Luke.

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