Evelyn White Bio

Evelyn White was born and raised in Macon County, TN. Since she was a child she has always loved art. She has always enjoyed working with her hands and considered it to be a God-given talent. Using self instructional books and taking lessons from local artista, Eveyln has developed her own style. She started in oil but has developed skills in watercolor, acrylic and clay. She has used these media on all sizes from small canvas to large wall murals. She is mostly inspired by landscape and nature.

Evelyn is an industrial engineer by profession. She attended WKU and holds degrees B.S. in industrial technology and A.S. in architectural drafting. After the closing of an industrial plant where she had been employed, she decided to slow her life place., dive into her love of art, and enjoy life. Evelyn resides in Lafayette, TN.

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