Sharon DeGiovanni Bio

Sharon Deill DeGiovanni was born and raised in Rockford, Ill. At anearly age she exhibited a natural talent for art. A promise made to a 4th grade teacher “to never abandon her art” has kept Sharon on her path.

A move to New England in her early twenties awakened a love for isolated wilderness. Sharon is a self taught artist who took advantage of art classes offered through the University of New Hampshire as well as those offered by strong, independent female artists who would become life long friends.

In 2007 Sharon relocated to South Central Kentucky, where Sharon Presently serves as president of the Arts Guild of the Barrens.

Sharon is interested in all media and subjects but always comes back to oils and depicting subtle nuances found in nature that are lost on the casual observer. Her greatest accomplishments are having her botanical illustrations appear in Stars of the Meadow by David Dalton and most recently a commissioned painting for the National Cave Museum located in Park City, Ky.

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